11+1 tips for successfully knitting your first lace shawl

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1. Choose a simple pattern

2. Trust the designer, don’t override the instructions


3. Choose a yarn that is easy to knit

Not too slippery – avoid silk and bamboo.

4. Don’t start with mohair type yarns

because it is very hard undo any mistakes

5. Choose a solid colour at first

6. Avoid lace weight, very thin yarns

go for sport or fingering weight as they are much simpler to handle

Keep track!

7. Use stitch markers

To separate the pattern repeats

8. Use a post-it note or something similar to mark

Check for more in this blogpost: Where you are in the pattern

9. Always knit the whole row

Don’t put down your knitting in the middle of it because you might carry on in the wrong direction later.

10. Use a “life line” 

Watch this video on YouTube for help

11. If you need to undo your knitting

but not until the life line, take the stitches back one by one.

+1: Greenhorn shawl pattern

This is an ideal first lace project, designed especially for beginners who want to get into lace knitting. Find out more here!



Happy knitting


And if you want to be keep this list always by your hand, then download this checklist: