5 tips for solving your holiday knitting problems

Are you just about to go on holiday? It is not easy to decide what kind of knitting project to take with you, especially if you have as many WIPs as me. I believe the most important thing is to choose a new project or one that you only just started, but here are a few ideas that might help you to decide:

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1. Yarn

Pick a yarn that you really like. Try to find a thinner one so that the quantity you need to pack is smaller: if you choose a lace shawl, it will definitely last you until the end of the holiday. (Unless you are going on a round-the-world trip. :-D ) In the summer I would advise against wool as it is warm and might be sticky to hold and unpleasant to knit. Bamboo, cotton and silk are by far the best choices for summer. Or maybe a blend that includes these. 
Extra tip: don’t forget to wind your yarn before you leave.

2. Pattern

Make it simple: your holiday is not the best time to learn a new technique or to knit an amazingly intricate lace. There will be many people around you diverting your attention and you might have to put down your project in the middle of the row. You need something that is easy to follow. If there isn’t a chart, even better: the wind won’t blow it away. If you can’t avoid it, you can always get a chart keeper.
Extra tip: don’t forget to print your pattern before you leave.

3. Needle

If you are travelling by plane and you want to take your knitting on board (I always do) don’t choose metal needles because security won’t allow them on the plane. Choose a bamboo or wooden needles and preferably interchangeable ones so that if they take the needles away, your knitting is still protected on the cable. Make sure you pack a spare set in your luggage, this is also good if you somehow break the needles. 
Extra tip: knit a sample before leaving with the chosen needle and pattern so you can be sure you pack the right needles. Or take the whole set with you.

4. Project bag

Get yourself a project bag so that your yarn and knitting are protected. These make knitting easier as they also hold your yarn while you are knitting and have pockets for your pattern and accessories. 

5. Accessories

Think carefully about what you might need: stitch markers, tape measure, row counter, pencil to mark where you are in the pattern, scissors and so on. It is a good idea to pack a small purse that holds these.

knitting | holiday | tips | lace shawl

My new pattern was released yesterday: the Lapis Lazuli Shawl, and it is the perfect holiday project. This shawl is meant for the beach! Simple enough to actually knit on the beach during your holiday or wear it after it is done. During the day you can wrap it around yourself over your swimwear and in the evening it doubles as a light shawl to put on your shoulders. It is a top down knitted shawl, and after you finish the setup section where you have to pay attention to the increases the lace section can be knitted easily, without concentrating too much. All increases are hidden in the contrasting stripes. Of course you can make the shawl from one colour only – see some great examples for this among the completed projects. Beginner lace knitters can also make this shawl, you only have to know how to yarn over and k2tog. The increases are made with kfb, and that is all there is to it! If you are afraid of lace weight yarns you can also knit it using fingering yarns.

Happy knitting

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