What to use your semisolid yarns for?

Semisolid yarn, tips, pattern ideas

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about hand-dyed yarns, it is now time to see what exactly you can use them for.

What is a semisolid?

It is almost impossible to produce a completely solid colour at home, but this is not a problem: semisolids are made with a single colour too, but the pigments do not dye the yarn evenly and it has slightly darker and lighter parts. The shade difference is very small. Sometimes the base colour is overdyed with a very similar colour. Semisolids are the best choice for textured patterns: they are not too colourful to overpower the pattern yet produce a much nicer result than solid yarns (the standard, commercial ones).

Stockinette patterns 

Semisolids look great with the plain stockinette pattern as they add interest – I used these in my Hug of the Ocean shawl.

Lace shawls

Lace patterns can also benefit from the lovely colours of semisolid yarns – many of my lace shawls feature different semisolids, for example WildspitzOrange SorbetGoAbanico.

Cable patterns

Maybe you would not think of this, but actually cables can also be knitted with semisolids. I think they add a whole new dimension to the texture of the cables: take a look at my Cosy Links or the Urban Legends hat

Next time we will take a closer look at variegated yarns.

Happy knitting