Organize your stash! What do you have?

The first step is to face up to all that you have stashed. This will hurt, I know, but I guarantee that you will be relieved afterwards.

Organize your stash

Find all your yarn, down to the smallest leftover bits. Dig them out from under the bed, from the boxes on the top of the wardrobe and hiding in the sock drawer. You don’t have to make one huge pile of everything, just make sure you know exactly what you have.

Ask yourself: 

  • Do I ever want to knit this yarn?
  • Does this colour suit me? Can I wear it? (Is it not too bristle?) If the answer is “No”, is there anybody I would knit it for?
  • Could I sell it?

Once you have the answers, group your yarns into the following categories:

  1. All the ones you still like or you would knit for somebody else need to be kept. Put them away, I will write a separate post on this. 
  2. Anything that you don’t need but is valuable, nice: try to sell. Use the relevant websites, Facebook groups, etc., – they are great for this.
  3. Anything that is either too small or not the best quality, donate them to somebody. To whom? If you have small children, they will love to play with it, tangle it, or a nearby school or nursery will appreciate them. You could also find groups who knit for charity or teach knitting and always welcome any donated yarns. Try to get rid of your unwanted stash as soon as possible; it will clear up the space. 

Now take a look at what you have left. 

How long have you had these:

Was there always something more important, more urgent you wanted to knit? Be more aware of them, be determined to use at least some of the ones you have been storing for a while. Put these separately and try to use them:

  • Keep them close to you, maybe your project basket and knit them one after the other.
  • Try to kit one old yarn and one new idea alternatively. Ask yourself: do you actually want this yarn or not? Have you kept it because it is nice? You still cannot get started on it? Do you always put it aside? Be strong and sell it. 
  • Try this method, let’s gamble together: draw in each month and let the dice decide what you knit!

I promise this was the hardest part and now your stash should be tidy. Next time we will take a look at how to organize and keep your yarns.

Happy knitting