News over the Rainbow


Finally finished the pink shawl. This knit was really exciting, because I’m not so good in 3 dimensional thinking, I didn’t know, what direction will have the lines, and what will be the shape the shawl. 

This is what I love in the on going designing. I never exactly know how will the shawl turn out. Yes, I’m a chaotic, creative mind, this way is my way. Designing everything from the first step to the end is not really my strength. 

I just blocked the shawl, and as I shoot it, an orchid catched my eyes. I hade to make have some fun with the camera! :-)

You might be corious, when will be from this shawl a pattern, but I can’t tell you. I’m trying this year to be more consiuos, and I made a yearly plan. I have so much unfinished project, that it seems also not doable in a year. This shawl has to wait. If I will have time in between to other patterns, I will write this pattern also!


The test for Miss Polly started last week.  

This shawl is a experimenting design: it is constructed and shaped using short rows. All the stitches for the full wingspan is casted on at the beginning and is then shaped by short rows. This shawl can be adjusted by decreasing or increasing the number of stitches casted on.

Some testers are really quick and already finished knitting!

Happy knitting