What to knit from long color changing / gradient yarn?

One of the most beautiful yarns is the gradient yarn. You can get this mostly in sock weight and some indie dyers also offer long gradients in different weights. It can be pricy, but believe me, it is well worth is. I absolutely love this kind of yarn - do you?

Why I love gradient yarns?

1. You can use any pattern
it doesn’t matter: the finished product will be perfect. Even if you don’t use any pattern, only stockinette stitch, the success is guaranteed.

  1. lace - Soft Rainbow Shawl
  2. fair isle - Montreal Hat - Drops Design
  3. Stockinette - Chocolate-dipped marshmallow - knitted by katalinlawrence
  4. textured - Abendstimmung - knitted by FrlSonnenschein

So many opportunities for combinations!

  1. You can use gradient yarn on its own - Fruit Cocktail
  2. You can combine it with a solid color, in stripes - Time for Coffee Shawl
  3. use it with with a solid color in a fair isle pattern - Lullaby Love by Tori Seierstad
  4. combine with another gradient, same or different colourway - Tourlaville Shawl (image credit: © Knitscene/Harper Point)

It is great for any kind of knitting work

  1. Shawls - Rising Sun
  2. Scarfs - Fata Morgana
  3. Socks - this needs a little attention to make the pair identical, but it is not impossible. Or don’t worry, just knit with the colors as they come and you will get funny pair of different socks! Scott Base by Sarah Ronchetti
  4. Sweaters - same issue as with the socks if you want to use the gradient yarn for the sleeves. A trick you can use: when you combine the gradient with a semisolid yarn, use the gradient only in the body! The best is effect is when you work the body in one piece - SylviKnits' Sutra

Happy knitting


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