Knitting Camp After Moving

Inviting friends to the chaos

Last week I held a knitting camp. After last year’s successful week I planned the same for this summer: 5 days with some friends who also knit, it was such fun. Unfortunately moving houses is not the best time but it was too late to change the plans: we went ahead and the camp started just 3 days after we moved. It was quite disorganized and full of boxes but still fun! And a total distraction for me, a bit of a change from all the packing.

A day before my friends arrived 

Mainau - the beauty of nature

We spent 5 days together, alternating day trips with stay-at-home knitting days. Firstly we visited the gorgeous botanical garden of Mainau, all the beautiful flowers, plants, butterflies were such an inspiration. One of my friends is a great amateur photographer, she made all the photos I share.

We need some rest

On the second day we decided to rest and stayed at home, sitting on the terrace, knitting and chatting. We cooked dinner together and finished the day with watching a movie together.

Trip to Luzern

We also spent a day in Luzern, a lovely city with a charming centre. It lies on the shore of Lake Lucerne and is full of old buildings, small squares and bridges. We spent hours strolling around looking at the sights and had a coffee and cake.

Last day: Zürich

After another day at home knitting (and the beginning of a new, exciting shawl pattern) the last day found us in Zurich. This is the most exciting, beautiful city with a vibrant centre, we walked for hours and hours, took the boat tour and had ice-creams.

Our little knitting camp was great, despite the circumstances. It is so nice to spend a week with like-minded people, doing what we all like so much, chatting about yarns, patterns, knitting and many other things.

Happy knitting