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Christmas by us

Christmas for most people looks like very busy schedules, jam-packed with a swirl of festive parties, social events and fantastic food! My preference however, seems to be veered towards having a more quiet and chilled time. In among the slew of demands and general craziness I find that all I need is some time to myself and my family.

Christmas at the Kiss household is a very special time for just the family, which I think is important. Time away from the busy furor of our lives (and friends and community), is essential to our sanity and allows us time to recoup and relax, and more importantly spend quality time together. 

We get the opportunity to spend a lot of the time eating and cooking. Some of the traditional foods that we like to cook and eat, include; fondue, cookies, and specifically, Beigli and Spitzbuben. Beigli is an absolutely delicious pastry from my homeland, Hungary. It is a winning combination of rolled dough, and filled with a delicious Walnut and poppy filling. Spitzbuben is a Swiss specialty (from where we live now), that we like to eat. It is really special and is a crumbly type of sugary biscuit with a soft but slightly Raspberry Jam filling.

Christmas by us - Beigli
Picture from  Dr Oetker

Picture from Dr Oetker

In terms of leisure and fun activities, we like to play board games. During this time, I like to take the opportunity to take time out to knit and create my patterns - I find that this is a really great time to relax and knit! I seem to have a lot more time to knit around Christmas, particularly because my schedule is much more open and I am able to have more time for myself. I find that my favorite place to knit, is on the couch, as I can create a comfortable and relaxing place from where to knit from!

Christmas Eve is the biggest event during the whole of the Christmas period. During this time, we usually eat something special and have a time of exchanging presents we have for each other on this particular day. After Christmas Eve, we travel most often to Hungary to spend time with family there.

So that is a general recount of my Christmas but I would love to find out more about your own Christmases too! What are yours like, and what traditions do you have? What food do you normally eat. I'd love to find out.

Noted down by Mei Yee Leong


I wish a merry Christmas for all of you with this picture of my kids for two years :)
Christmas by us - kids