Brioche And Me

Brioche knitting - why I love? Working on a shawl knitting pattern with brioche stitch and stripes. New shawl knitting pattern release: Tourlaville.
Tourlaville  shawl knitting pattern - brioche stitch combined with stripes. Triangular shawl, gradient yarn.

The Tourlaville shawl was originally published last year, but recently I have re-published it as a personal pattern. This was my first and so far only brioche knit but I have wanted to create another one because I love the way it looks and brioche offers so many opportunities for vertical stripes. In my „Ideas” folder there are quite a few shawl ideas waiting to be developed. In connection with publishing the Tourlaville shawl I made a video tutorial to help with the pattern.

New shawl knitting pattern WIP. stripes and brioche stitches, asymmetrical shawl

In the video I knitted a few rows first with 1-row stripes as a base and loved the look so much that it inspired a completely new pattern! By chance I had been wanting to use some leftover Wollmeise yarn I had. These were not enough for anything on their own and did not go together so well. At the end I bought 2 skeins of white to complement my leftovers. This new shawl is stripy, has some brioche and a great stashbuster. The shawl will have an asymmetric shape starting from one corner and will be written so that it utilizes whatever amount of yarn you have. I have 3 contrast colors for the main colour.

Happy knitting