Guest Post: Diary of a beginner lace knitter Part 2

beginner lace knitter | knitting pattern


Kati is one of my friends, who is more crocheter than knitter. She wanted to knit a shawl - with holes, but not lace. She didn't found a pattern she liked - so I designed one for her. If you didn't earlier, read the first part here

Lace shawl knitting | beginner

The shawl starts forming

Having gotten over the setup chart I was a bit calmer and had enough confidence to carry on with the main chart. It had some new symbols and one seemed tricky (sl1, k2tog, psso), but I managed without problems.
It was great to see the shape and the pattern looking as it should:

Lace shawl knitting | beginner

Better to use stitch markers

After a while I realized that I need some extra markers (the pattern calls for only one, to separate the border chart) because I am not good at counting and I missed some increases on the left-hand side. As the rows grow longer, I did not want to keep counting so much but I need to check if I don’t miss anything. So I put in stitch markers to mark the main repeats and this works brilliantly for me, now I have the correct stitch count and it is easy to check.

See you in the last, 3. part