Autumn Knitting Patterns - Colors that Contrast and Clash

Autumn knitting patterns - colors that contrast and crush

This Autumn's biggest fashion trends are full of bold and contrasting colors, and particularly those that pack a punch. Acid greens, deep, intense mauves and shocking pinks, are some of the colors that are making headway on the fashion catwalks. So, when choosing something to create and wear, forget the same old boring and muted tones of grey and black and white. Why not opt for vivid colors; colors that work in opposition to each other. So whilst colors are usually chosen on a more complementary basis, Autumn's fashion trends say 'the bigger the clash, the better!'

Soft Rainbow is no stranger to bold and contrasting colors, as we have a rather special selection of jumper and shawl patterns that offer those very elements! From a gorgeous variety of reds to acid green, to pure white; I have a varied yet amazing mix of color combinations for you to pick from!

Not only will these patterns be fun to make, but you can create amazing and unique items that are not only warm and comfortable for you to wear at parties but are perfect to wear for casual days at home too. And so with that, I have put together some patterns for you to take a look at and have a go at making! I hope you enjoy creating them and wearing them as well. Here are just some of the beautiful Autumnal patterns that I have to offer.

For a simple look, these pieces would look best with a more minimalistic outfit, so as not to offset the bold and bright colors from the jumper and shawl that you make. For the super brave and daring, you may want to go for a full, color clashing outfit, which would definitely speak volumes!

Tourlaville Shawl

This particular shawl offers both a magenta red and a vibrant purple, which when combined, offers an interesting but bold contrast of colors that would really pop, in your Autumn wardrobe.

Victoria Sweater

An autumnal mix of a choice of a beautiful mixture of red and orange, as well as leafy and emerald greens, offers something different for the fashion conscious this Autumn.

Purple Caramel

Experimenting with colors and creating patterns, resulted in a color clash of vivid purple and bright orange.

Elveden Scarf

This beautiful Elveden scarf offers a perfect contrasting mix of deep red and a perfect white, that will add just the right pop of color to your outfit.

Achat Shawl

This shawl offers an interesting color clash of different shades of green that don't quite complement but certainly offer a lovely mix of greens to any Autumnal wardrobe.

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25% discount for autumn patterns until October 31

25% discount for autumn patterns until October 31