15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Knitters

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15 Christmas Gift Ideas For Knitters

During Christmas, scarves, hats, and sweaters are very common gifts that we give to friends or loved ones. But what present do we give knitters? Surely you can’t give them something they can already make themselves. Here is a list of great gift ideas that you can give to someone who loves to knit.  Depending on your budget (or your relationship), we have various tools, notions, and novelty items you can choose from. 

1. Knitting Yarns

As mentioned in our previous blog post, knitters are yarn hoarders. We can never have enough yarns! If you are unsure which type of yarn he (yes, some men knit) or she would like, then your best option would be the common worsted weight yarn that can be used for most knitting projects. A soft wool yarn like Malabrigo Rios would be very much appreciated by knitters. It comes in 41 shades, so you can choose the color your loved one would like best. I used the Paris Night colorway for my Urban Legends hat and scarf.

2. Knitting and Pattern Books

Knitters of all levels will love any book about knitting. For beginners, a book with tutorials or simple patterns would be helpful. Janet Smith Can't Knit is a great book recommendation that includes 12 fun knitting patterns that are easy to follow. 
For advance and intermediate knitters, you can give them stitch dictionaries so they can explore other stitches and even make their own pattern. One of my favorites is The Magic of Shetland Lace Knitting by Elizabeth Lovick - this is not only a stich pattern dictionary, but a guide too, how to create your own shawl/blanket/stole.

3. Knitting Needle Set

There are different types of knitting needles to be used for different types of knitting. You have straight knitting needles, double pointed needles (DPN), and circular needles. You also have a wide variety of knitting needles in terms of make and material, from bamboo to aluminum, not to mention the sizes they come in. Having said that, knitters will surely be glad to receive a set of knitting needles. Nowadays my favorite is the HiyaHiya Interchangeable Needle Set  - this can be a great gift for any knitter. The set contains tips in 6 sizes, and comes with 4 cables with 4 different lengths. 

4. Knitting Needle Organizer

For as many crochet hooks and knitting needle sets that knitters have, they need as much knitting needle cases to keep their tools organized. This Della Q Knitting Case can hold needles needles in sizes US 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, 11, 13, 15, and comes in a variety of colors.

You can also try Etsy stores - only for your own risk :)! Look at these handmade knitting needle organizers by Lena Brown Designs - wow!

5. Yarn Bowls

Yarn bowls are the “it” things for knitters and crocheters nowadays. I guarantee you, you will not go wrong with these handmade porcelain or ceramic bowls that help knitters keep their working yarn in place. There are a variety of handmade yarn bowls made from different materials that you can choose from in Etsy. Just check out this cool yarn bowl with a Game of Thrones inspired message, “Winter is Coming… Knit Faster.” - from Lenny Mud.

Or choose something more "casual", like this one from the Andersen Pottery.

6. Clicking Counter Ring

This Clicking Counter Ring from Crit Success is great jewelry gifts for knitters to wear on a daily basis. It was originally crafted for gamers to measure health, XP, mana, and other gaming stuff, but it also works for knitting. Not only is it pretty, but it also functions as a knitting row counter. You can also use this ring to keep track of anything that can be counted from 00 to 99. 


If you are keen on giving your loved one jewelry, this antique silver pendant from Clover is the one you should buy. This beautiful piece of jewelry can stylishly be worn as a pendant and also serves as a portable yarn cutter. Pretty and useful for knitters and crocheters.

8. Knitting Project Bags

Knitters like to bring their projects with them wherever they go. They can knit in transit while waiting for the bus, while watching TV, or even during vacations and out of town trips. Give them a travel bag for their knitting yarns and supplies this Christmas! The Artbin Yarn Drum is perfect for knitters who love to travel. This yarn bag can also serve as a yarn caddy to avoid yarns getting dusty or dirty.
If you want a prettier design, you can order the OwlforU Tricobag. It features an exterior pocket where you can insert knitting needles or patterns, and a tiny interior pocket perfect for small notions like yarn needles and stitch markers. 

9. Yarn Ball Winder

Some yarns that you buy in the market come in hanks, and it is very hard to knit with them. Without a yarn ball winder, knitters would need to wind them into balls manually. This is a very tedious task, and takes up a lot of time — time that they would rather spend knitting. Boye’s Electric Yarn Ball Winder eliminates the need for tiring hand winding motions of regular yarn winders.

10. Novelty T-Shirts

Shirt Candy is an Etsy store that specializes in shirts with cute and funny messages. Shirts with prints that say “I Turn Strings into Things. What’s Your Power?” or “Knitting Makes Me Happy, You Not So Much” can give knitting lovers a good laugh. It comes in a several sizes and colors, too. 

11. Funny Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs may be generic Christmas giveaways, but you can personalize your gift byt giving them mugs with knitting quips or funny quotes. You can find coffee mugs on Etsy that are printed with quotes like “Yarn & Coffee = Happy Mommy” and “If I’m Sitting, I’m Knitting” or even snarly quips such as “Just pour me my coffee, hand me my knitting, and slowly back away.” Really, who says knitting makes you boring.

12. Yarn-gasm Travel Mug

Everybody can find a coffee tumbler useful, especially knitters who like to bring their projects to knit-along sessions with their knitting club. This insulated travel mug from Cafe Press is designed to keep beverages hot or cold for several hours. The best thing about is, is that it is professionally designed and printed with unique artwork.  Who knows what a yarn-gasm is better than a knitter? Check out their online store for other funny knitting gifts.

13. Knitting Notions

Knitting notions are great Christmas gifts for knitters. These are small tools and accessories in Knitting that are easy to lose or even break. Love Knitting carries a wide variety of knitting tools and supplies. You can put a variety of small tools in your gift basket such as stitch holders, stitch markers, cable holders, yarn needles, and other items.


14. Needle Gauge

The famous knitting brand HiyaHiya has a new needle gauge in a baaa-rilliant design! It features dual-sided measurements with millimeters on one side, and US sizes on the other. This is a handy tool for any knitter. You can also add this to the gift basket for your special someone who loves to knit.

15. What else?

Christmas is a time when knitters get constant requests to ‘knit me this, knit me that.’ But knitting can be tiring, too (as much as we love spending hours on the hook). Christmas is the perfect time to show our knitters how much we appreciate their hard work to carefully craft items that are unique. Take a look at my Pinterest board to see some more gift ideas for knitters. Enjoy shopping — there’s just a few more weeks left before Christmas!


Tell me, which one is your favorite gift? Mine is the mug on the picture.


Happy knitting!